Favorite Music Video


  1. Who is the writer of the song? Why did you think the person wrote his or her song? The song was written and produced by Ed Sheeran. The reason why he picked this song because he once experienced all of this with his friends. Everything that was shown in the music video was all their experience and he remembered his friends that’s why he created a music video for them and their memories. It is all about his hometown. This music video also shows that he had plenty of memories about growing up as a normal kid.
  2. What reality did the song construct? In this video he’s just a normal kid in his hometown with his friends having fun. The music video is showing Ed’s memories with his friends and showing that you need to have fun and make memories while you’re still young.
  3. What is the purpose of the song? What is its meaning and why was it produced? This song is full of life and what life has to offer to us as and when we grow up. This music video or song tells us that do not forget from where you belong and the people who helped and made you of what you are today.
  4. What is the meaning of the song for you? Why is it your favorite and how can you relate to it ? As I said, this is full of life and fun memories that Ed experienced that I can relate to.I’m still young and I want to make the most out of it and I can truly relate to this video since they’re all having fun and making memories while they’re still young and they’re living their life to the fullest.
  5. What is the message of the video? Does it add a different meaning or adds more meaning to the song title? What the video is trying to show or tell us it that always remember that you only live once so make the most of out it. Go and have fun and make memories to the people who appreciates you because you never know one day they might just slip away and be gone forever. The song title is mentioned a lot in the lyrics where as I think that ” castle on the hill ” is their memorable place.

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