Photo and music video analysis

The photo was about a ” good-house keeping ” magazine where a filipina star Vicky Morales was the model. This magazine with Vicky represents that she is a host in a show called ” Wish Ko Lang ” and shares the secrets to making your own dreams come true. They used Vicky Morales as a front page model because Vicky is a gorgeous and famous actress that are loved by a lot of people. 

The music video of Limitations of life by R.E.M was somewhat confusing for me, the video is like there’s a lot of people and each person is doing something different from the other. The video just kept on playing and then it plays back but every time it does the people are changing. For me the reason why they used or made that kind of video is that it represents the life of every person and shows that every person has its own business or problems. 


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