Anchorman Movie Analysis

1. What was the movie all about? Who was the protagonist and who does he represent?

The movie is mainly about an anchorman working in San Diego’s top rated news who’s name was Ron Burgundy. Ron Burgundy is a famous and top ranked newsman across San Diego along with his 2 co-workers or friends.  It all changed when a woman who appears to have a high confidence attitude was hired as a new anchor.

2. How does media produce the news?

Media produces the news by television or radios. There are certain news channels around the world who updates the viewers of whats recently happening around the globe.

3. Do you think news is still being done the same way as the movie?

Yes, the movie still relates to this modern day on how news updates the viewers by television or radios.

4. What things did the movie make popular?

For me, the movie highlights what happens inside a news channel or industry. Also, the film highlights that there will always be people who will try to put you down so you have to be strong and fight for what is right.

5. Who was Veronica and what does she represent?

Veronica represents feminism, she fights for what is right. In the movie there has been no woman news anchor until Veronica came, at first Veronica was discriminated and judged because she’s a girl. Ron and the other news anchor got mad when she was hired, in that case Veronica proved them all wrong that she or women can also be a great news anchor. She proved that if men can do that, then women can too.

6. Comment on the following as they were shown in the movie:

a. sex

b. violence 

c. animal cruelty

d. alcoholism

A. In the film, its funny when Ron and Veronica only met for only a short time but then they already ended up having sex. Sex wasn’t focused on film.

B. There was a lot of violence in the movie and the saddest for me is when the biker throws Ron’s dog in to the bridge just because the biker got hit by a burrito. So burrito versus dog? It’s really not that fair for Ron.

C. There was moments where Animal Cruelty was shown, where the biker throws the dog at the bridge, and in the zoo where Ron and his friends fought bears who are disturbed.

D. Alcoholism was mostly shown by Ron when he lost everything. They say drinking or smoking can relieve stress but for me that’s not the best way to do if you’re in trouble or something. Ron slacks and ruined his life when he got fired instead of thinking a way on how he can live a good life after losing a job. Alcoholism is actually pretty bad.



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